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Design for an Emery / Sparrow Sleeps merchandise drop
Forge Labs
Various Merchandise designs for gaming YouTuber Forge Labs.
Bowling For Soup
Merch designs for a Bowling For Soup / Sparrow Sleeps merch collaboration.
Neck Deep/Knuckle Puck Split
Split 7" layout for Neck Deep and Knuckle Puck. Both bands contributed two tracks for this split 7" released on Bad Timing Records.
Less Than Jake / Kill Lincoln Split
Less Than Jake / Kill Lincoln "Wavebreaker #1" split Art
Various merchandise designs for the Sparrow Sleeps / Thrice merchandise drop
Sum 41
Merch designs for Sum 41
Senses Fail
I created this character for Senses Fail in 2014, since then I have illustrated it for album covers, backdrops, posters, merchandise, and more! Here’s a collection of some of those things.
Hey Suburbia!
A Guide to the Emo/Pop-Punk Rise. Authored by music journalist Mike Damante and Illustrated by yours truly!
From The Depths Of Dreams
Full layout for the reimagined From The Depths Of Dreams.
Less Than Jake
Various merch designs for Less Than Jake
Neck Deep
Merch designs for Neck Deep
The Menzingers
Merchandise designs + more for The Menzingers
The Spill Canvas
Merchandise design for The Spill Canvas / Sparrow Sleeps drop
State Champs
Reversible tank design for State Champs. This was sold during the summer for their Warped Tour run.
The Wonder Years
Various merch designs for The Wonder Years
Knuckle Puck
Merch designs for Knuckle Puck
Dance Gavin Dance
Merchandise designs for Dance Gavin Dance.
Merchandise designs for With Confidence
Merchandise for the band Yearbooks
Senses Fail - In Your Absence
Senses Fail In Your Absence EP layout. In Your Absence is an EP released on Pure Noise Records that features acoustic tracks.
Merchandise designs for the band Grayscale
Real Friends
Merch designs for Real Friends
Merch designs for Creeper. These were inspired by themes and lyrics from their album Eternity, in Your Arms.
Kevin Devine
Various designs for Kevin Devine
Mercy Union
Various designs for Mercy union
Jared Hart
Various designs for jared Hart
As It Is
Nuclear family t-shirt design for As It Is. Inspired by the themes from their album Okay
Ice Nine Kills
Merch designs for Ice Nine Kills
More Shirt Art
Various other apparel designs I've done over the years
Various logo work
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